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 application for german!Rednax

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PostSubject: application for german!Rednax   Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:38 pm

https://i. imgur.com/nvDEajH. jpg
Gender: Male
Name: Rednax Temmur (alt universe 44, German psycho chef)
Blood Collor: Indigo
Age: 3451 sweeps
Race: Alternian troll
Sign: section mark ยง
God Tier: knight of void
Strife Specibus: Staffkind Pistolkind Riflekind bladekind
Lusus: saltwater Crocodiledad
Trolltag: defiantDissenter
Medium: Land of Cuisine and Culture
Ancestor/s: NA
Typing Style: gratuitous german accent: Guten Tag Hochbluts! Gut to meet hyu! Hallo Dizgustink Unter Kaste! vhat vould hyu like to be havink to eat? hyur friendz horns, or hyur own teeth?
Horn Style: Horns curve downwards from the sides of his head in a fairly steady arc.

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application for german!Rednax
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